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Wall-E and the empowerment of women

8 Jul

So, the other day I was watching Wall-E the Pixar movie, and I’ve been watching a lot of “girl power” stuff recently, so I wasn’t surprised when I recognized different female archetypes in the movie.

But, what’s an archetype? An archetype is “the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies” (, 2014).

So, what does “different female archetype means?” Traditionally, women are depicted as “damsel in distress” because it fits “desirable” characteristics in women: fragile, weak, silly.

But EVE’s character in Wall-E is completely different: she’s independent and strong, smart and belongs to the elite robot board in the Axioma.

On the other hand, Wall-E is a cleaning robot, innocent, romantic and convinced of doing what’s right just because.

We can argue than EVE is a damsel in distress at some point, but it’s her ability what allows Wall-E’s survival at the end of the film.

What you think?

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Loveletter to a job

7 Jul

Dear writing job,

I know you are out there, maybe not that right now, but in the future. Or maybe you do exist now.

I dream of you at night. And I dream of you during the day. And I am ready for us to meet.

I know certain things about you:

You are a proper writing job. A job for me to learn a lot of wonderful and lovely things about craft and storytelling and analysis and so much more. To do magic with my current abilities and develop new ones. To imagine and share knowledge and worlds and find new characters and creatures. To know I have enough patience to rewrite as much as needed.

You are special. Your are more than special. You are a marvelous dayly-challenge.

You live in a unique place. Nothing steno-pool about you. You are one of a kind and you know it. It’s more about what you are like and what it is like to be with you.

I love to wake up to you, and sleep after you.

You allow me a good, happy, full-of-love life.

You have the perfect remuneration for me. You let me interact with lovely and wonderful people. Its pleasant to be near you. You are infused with good.

Where you are. You live in Mexico City, preferable in the North. (Near my home= ideal). Or anywhere in the world, the magic of Internet allows you to be everywhere.

Pluses. I don’t need you to have these things, but I’d really liked them. You know what would be great? Work with BBC writers in some sort of way, either BBC abroad or BBC America.

Your qualities.

Light. Safety. Possibility. Playfulness and sillyness. Joyful, wondrous, unexpected. Independent. Trustful. Knowledgeable. Creative. Interesting. A job where I feel like I belong.

Important things. You are all about possibility. Which means I have a lot of projects that are creative, interesting, unexpected things.

This is not about being a writing-robot. You won’t be a pre-fabricated-story agency or something like that. This isn’t meant to be a place that has regular workers from 9 to 5.

It’s meant to be magical. And special projects will happen there when they happen. You are for the people who enjoy great stories.

You can move between media like novels, comics, videos, blogs, series, internet, spots or films, but you are always about play. It will be awesome.

How this could work. I don’t know. I don’t even know if someone is looking for a writer or if I’ll have to create you myself. Nor do I know exactly how we’re going to meet each other. Luck? Magic? Crazy coincidence?

Maybe someone who reads this letter knows about you. Maybe you are like de “Bad Wolf” and create yourself. Maybe one or our friends or connections knows something.

We can either meet you or find cool supporting jobs so the necessary money shows up every month – or something else entirely.

I’m going to focus on what it’s going to be like to be connected to you, and figure out the rest as things begin to move.

My commitment. To love you. To be patient and appreciate everything about you. To learn every day and don’t be mean to you.

We will work together wonderful stories. We will meet incredible characters. We will have silly comedies and non-foolish dramas.

You will be a job where the air is different. Where the creativeness of stories, energy of characters, playfulness of words, powerfulness of themes will create a resonance of everything is better with you.

I will never take us too seriously, but I will always treat you with respect and love.

I will keep the energy clear and infuse you with belonging.

You are loved and adored already. Just for existing. Even if right now you only exist in my head. I love you.

This post was inspired on Havi’s “Loveletter to a playground”
Havi Brooks runs The Fluent Self