I love Barbie

12 Ago

Barbie is, arguably, the most famous doll of Western civilization. Although critics about her body shape, general image and accusatory reports for being “gender-stereotyped” are countless, I disagree.

I grew up reading the Mexican version of Barbie Magazine and playing with different versions of the dolls: from the school teacher to the veterinarian, passing for the ballerina and the gymnast. The magazine included messages about friendship, self-esteem, problem-solving and caring for others, Barbie’s core values. But there’s more.

The story about it’s creation says Barbie was created by Ruth Handler, who was inspired by German doll Bild Lilli: a sassy, post-war woman, aware of her sexiness, wearing noticeable makeup, who earn her own money as a secretary and talked openly about sex, fashion and picked on politicians and authority in general.

Barbie, on the other hand, was a design as a children’s toy, a doll to dress, an evolution from paper dolls you cut and dress (you might be able to find some at a stationer’s shop).

Still, Barbie kept some of Lilli’s characteristics: she has a job, has a slim, curvy body, wears makeup and is a fashion icon. Actually, Barbie has had 150 professions, up until her 50th anniversary on 2009, including astronaut, racing pilot, doctor, actress, engineer, journalist and nurse. You can even check her Linkedin page now.

She has a whole line of cool stuff, from sports cars to airplanes; the best clothes and accessories, houses… I’m not thinking how much she has, but at how she depends on no one to buy her stuff. (Ken’s job is still unknown).

And yet, with so much to do she finds time to hang out with friends and boyfriend Ken, look after her younger sisters and pets while is dress for the occasion, has perfect makeup and still wears a smile.

She is telling us to assume our femininity and be whatever we want to be, who cares if it’s a “traditionally male” profession! Also, to enjoy and do our best EVERYDAY, to work smart and hard, to learn from others, to be kind and to smile Ü Because if you want something, you can get it on your terms, you are both smart and strong to decide on your own and achieve it.

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