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Being a woman

31 Oct

“Being a woman is expensive” that’s the conclusion my 19-year-old cousin got after my friend’s wedding in late October.

The discussion began because he said that he was ready quick and easy: just took a shower, put on his suit and shoes and brush his hair. There, ready.

Meanwhile I had to began preparing the night before, when I put on a couple of face masks and pluck all the undesired body hair (according to this culture and beauty standards). The next day I woke up early, took a shower, put on a nice dress with matching stilettos, go to a hair salon and get a beautiful updo, pretty makeup and finish everything with fine jewelry.

Obviously dress, shoes, hair and party makeup cost and are seldom used (unless all your friends are marrying, which isn’t my case). Also, stilettos are not the most comfortable shoes to dance at a party, updos most of the time are made of hairpins and the head hurts after some hours.

Being a Man

On the other hand, men doesn’t have it that easy either. On our way to the party, my cousin had an argument with another man in the traffic jam and at the party both photographer and waiter asked him to pay for the services. He was my invitee so I paid everything, but still: society expects men pay for most of these things.

What other things am i missing? About being a woman? And being a man?

Buying a dress

19 Oct

Next Saturday is my best friend’s wedding and so I went to buy a dress.

I was looking for a nice cocktail dress, one that nicely fits the time and the occasion, because going to a wedding is high honor: is a party that costs  a lot of money, so the groom and bride expect you to deliver.

But I thought I’d have no problem finding a dress, I mean, when I was looking for dresses before (graduation parties, nights out, birthdays) I had no problem with that, I just had to find a dress that I really liked, try it, it fits nicely, then I bought it and that’s it.

Except I’m almost 26 now. My body is different now. Not that I had children or something. Just different. I’m a little fatter now and it notices with some dress forms. It’s time to accept my age, exercise a few days a week, eat healthier… that kind of stuff.

Today I found the right dress, I just need the makeup and hairstyle. Suggestions?


#NaNoWriMo 2015 (Prep)

9 Oct

Este año decidí entrar a #NaNoWriMo y tengo todo el miedo del mundo de no terminar, porque el año pasado sólo me registré y ni siquiera empecé (y el 90% de los que empiezan, no terminan).

Así que este año me estoy preparando para “no fallar”:

  • Preparo un outline
  • También un calendario para saber qué tengo que escribir cada día
  • Ya tengo mi hoja en excel para contar mis avances diarios
  • “Entreno” este octubre para que no se haga tan pesado
  • Necesito un “writing partner” para obligarme a escribir cada día, si saben de alguien, plis avísenme.
  • Todavía no firmo el Agreement del mes, pero no pasa de esta semana.
  • Y pues… creo que ya.

Por el momento, este es mi “Contador de Palabras” para este noviembre y lo actualizaré cada semana 

0 / 50000

¿Hasta las 50K palabras?